Setup R Services for SQL Server 2016 Step by Step Explained

Setup R Services for SQL Server 2016 Step by Step Tutorial

Microsoft purchased Revolution Analytics (around 2015) and with that they were able to give R Services which is the most popular open source programming language for advanced analytics of data inside of SQL Server bringing R processing closer to the data..

By adding R processing into SQL Server 2016 which is offered as a new feature that supports enterprise level data services.

What is R (Revolution) Services?

Revolution Analytics (formerly Revolution Computing) is a statistical software company focused on developing open source software for enterprise, academic and analytics customers. Revolution Analytics was founded in 2007. In 2009 the company received nine million in venture capital from Intel along with a private equity firm and named Norman H. Nie as their new CEO. In 2010 the company announced the name change as well as a change in focus. Revolution R Analytics would be offered free to academic users and their commercial software would focus on big data, large scale multiprocessor/high performance computing.

R Services for SQL Server 2016 step by step setup

Step 1

R Services feature can be installed by using the SQL Server setup wizard.  Run SQL Server 2016 setup and on the Installation tab, click “New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation.”

P.S: R Services for SQL Server 2016 is not cluster aware (not compatible with failover cluster.)

SQL Server 2016 setup screen
SQL Server 2016 setup screen

Step 2

On the Feature Selection page, select Database Engine Services and R Services  options.

R Service SQL Server 2016 New Feature
R Service SQL Server 2016 New Feature

Step 3

ClickAccept and the Next  button.

Microsoft R Open consent to install

Step 4

Select path and click Next

Microsoft R Open offline installation

Step 5

Click Install and when installation is complete, restart the computer.

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