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Tips SQL Jobs:

1. If you are new to SQL Server make sure you understand the SQL Server Architecture and how it works.

2. SQL Server DBA and Development are two things which run together and one must have a good understanding of both in order to one on other.

3. A good CV is a must which should both be attractive and meaningful.

4. A honest answers in Interviews are the mostly admired by Interviewers without messing around/Lie to them.

5. Understand a DBA day to day activities and what is more important.

6. Both pro-active and re-active parts of DBA Job are important and are required to be understood properly.

There are many Job Listings sites which are available and are helpful in applying jobs like

Jobserve and Indeed where you can apply for job or upload you CV….

Please feel to contact me for any help I can give………

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  1. hello i am rajashekar,I completed my graduation in 2014
    wright now i am learning sql dba . as a fresher any openings are there
    if you any fresher jobs please let me know

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