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SQL Server RPO and RTO

Recovery Point Objective(RPO) describes a point in time that data can be restored from. For instance, if there is data corruption, Data loss or unavailability, at what point in time can a valid copy of the data be restored from? RPO is usually measured as minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc… for Business Continuity.

If a database is corrupted then can we restore it back to what it was 15 minutes ago? This would be an RPO of 15 minutes for Business Continuity..

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the amount of time which data or hardware is desired to be restored after a data corruption or hardware failure.

If a Database … Read the rest

SQL Server 2008 Recovery Models and Transaction log usage

SQL Server 2008 Recovery Models
In SQL Server 2008 there are 3 recovery models you can use: simple, bulk-logged, and full. These recovery models really just define how log management behaves so you can have what you need to perform your desired backups.
As the name implies the focus is really on recovery of databases in case of Disaster occurs.

Simple Mode

If a database is set for Simple Recovery mode than it means that you don’t bother to take log backups. Only Backups available will be Full Backups of Database which you will use in case of Disaster occurs. SQL Server forces the log to truncate when the database writes data to the disk … Read the rest