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error 117 in sql server

SQL Server Error : 117, Severity: 15. The %S_MSG name ‘%.*ls’ contains more th

SQL Server Error : 117 Details

SQL Server Error: 117 Severity: 15 Event Logged or not: No Description: The %S_MSG name ‘%.*ls’ contains more than the maximum number of prefixes. The maximum is %d. Severity 15 Description: Indicates syntax errors in the Transact-SQL command.


This error can be encountered in the process of moving a database from one hosting provider to another. The current provider incorporates the domain name into the user name. The domain extension is .co.uk. As a result, some database objects have the fully qualified name [email protected] for example.

But, attempting to change the schema of these objects in order to insert them into a dbo schema by using:

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