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How to check Log shipping status in SQL Server 2008

How to check Log shipping status in SQL Server 2008:

SQL server recovery model has to be Full recovery mode for log shipping which allows log backups.

sql server database log backup is shiped and restore from one server or Primary to another server Secondary/destination server. Reports can be run from Secondary server for business needs. Using sql server nolock is recommended if dirty reads are allowed for reporting purposes.

This can be done by two methods:

1.By using the standard report on Instance level for Transaction log shipping status both on Primary and each secondary/destination servers individually.
On the Primary/source server, it shows when backup jobs succeeded.
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CXPACKET Waits and High CPU Usage Bottleneck SQL Server 2008 2012 2014 2016

CXPACKET Waits and High CPU Usage Bottleneck SQL Server 2008 2012 2014 2016

When you suspect SQL Server is waiting on CPU and CPU is constantly spiked on 90-100% or SQL server high cpu usage query then it would wise to check the Top Waits Stats on SQL Server to see if the Top Waits is on “CXPACKET” by using Top Waits Rollup Query here.

Most of the time, DBA needs to find the culprit queries which are using high CPU and try to optimize it them by designing proper indexes or by rewriting the SQL more efficiently. SQL Server High CPU Usage query below can be very useful.

The queries useful in troubleshooting CPU Bottleneck issues, which are used

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The SQL Server Wait Types with their descriptions

The SQL Server Wait Types with their descriptions

Wait Statistics in SQL Server indicate sql server performance in relation to different resources like CPU, Disk usage, Memory etc..

SQL Server Activity monitor waiting tasks is another important place to observe what SQL Server is waiting on. Activity monitor has different sections like Processes, Resource Waits, Recent Expensive Queries and Data IO Stats.

“Wait_Type, Area, Usage, Version” Description Action
SQL 2005-2008”
Used to indicate a worker is waiting on a asynchronous I/O operation to complete not associated with database pages Since this is used for various reason you need to find out what query or task is associated with the wait. Two examples of where this wait type
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The Activity Monitor in SQL Server Management Studio is a great tool which can be used by DBA’s and database developers to get a quick overview of SQL Server system performance and connections or in simple words it is one of the free sql server performance monitoring tools. The Activity Monitor tool in SQL Server older versions than 2008 used to display information related to Processes, Lock by Objects and Locks by Process. There are many enhancements in Activity Monitor in SQL Server 2008 onwards like graphical display of Processor Time, Processes, Waiting Tasks, Database I/O’s, Data File I/O’s,Batch Requests, Resource Waits and also information on most expensive queries.

It is Best SQL Monitoring software / Application which ships free … Read the rest