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sql server error code 233

SQL Server Error : 229, Severity: 14. The %ls permission was denied on the obj

SQL Server Error : 229 Details

SQL Server Error: 229 Severity: 14 Event Logged or not: No Description: The %ls permission was denied on the object ‘%.*ls’, database ‘%.*ls’, schema ‘%.*ls’. Severity 14 Description: Indicates security-related errors, such as permission denied.

Reading sql server error log location from SQL Query

Identifying SQL Server Error Log File used by SQL Server Database Engine can be done by reading SQL Server Error Logs. DBA can execute the XP_READERRORLOG extended stored procedure to read the SQL Server Error Log and search for its location used by the instance of SQL Server.

USE master
xp_readerrorlog 0, 1, N'Logging SQL Server messages in file', NULL, NULL, N'asc'

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SQL Server Error : 262, Severity: 16. %ls permission denied in database ‘%.*ls

SQL Server Error : 262 Details

SQL Server Error: 262 Severity: 16 Event Logged or not: No Description: %ls permission denied in database ‘%.*ls’. Severity 16 Description: Indicates general errors that can be corrected by the user.


Sql Server error 262 is common error faced by SQ Server users when they are trying to create new database in SQL Server Management Studio. This error also appear during login on SSMS. A message is returned that states that the account does not have “sysadmin” role to SQL Server.

Another reason is that, as of SQL 2008, the local Administrators group is no longer added by default during SQL Server installation. Even adding the current user as a local administrator requires … Read the rest