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SQL Server New Features

Setup R Services for SQL Server 2016 Step by Step Explained

Setup R Services for SQL Server 2016 Step by Step Tutorial

Microsoft purchased Revolution Analytics (around 2015) and with that they were able to give R Services which is the most popular open source programming language for advanced analytics of data inside of SQL Server bringing R processing closer to the data..

By adding R processing into SQL Server 2016 which is offered as a new feature that supports enterprise level data services.

What is R (Revolution) Services?

Revolution Analytics (formerly Revolution Computing) is a statistical software company focused on developing open source software for enterprise, academic and analytics customers. Revolution Analytics was founded in 2007. In 2009 the company received nine million in venture … Read the rest

SQL Server 2014 Compared to older versions


SQL Server 2014 Compared to older versions



Features Feature Description SQL Server 2014 SQL Server 2012 SQL Server 2008ÿR2 SQL Server 2008
Performance In-memory OLTP* Yes No No No
In-memory ColumnStore* Yes Yes No No
Buffer pool extension to SSD Yes No No No
Resource Governor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Availability AlwaysOn* Yes Yes No No
Enhanced virtualization support and live migration Yes Yes Yes No
Security Transparent data encryption* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backup encryption support Yes No No No
Fine-grained auditing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Separation of duties Yes Yes No No
Cloud-readiness Backup to Microsoft Azure Yes Yes No No
Disaster recovery to Microsoft Azure Yes No No No
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SQL Server 2014 released..New features

SQL Server 2014 released… Let’s discover what’s new in SQL Server 2014 now. There are versions in SQL Server out of which Express version is still free . Download SQL Server from Microsoft Site or your company volume licensing depending on your version you require.

New features will be listed here which are really fantastic….

Note: Database Compatibility Level of 90 compatibility level is not valid in SQL Server 2014.

I will also post some examples of how to use these features in coming days…
Database Engine Feature Enhancements  For more info click here for microsoft site
Memory-Optimized Tables: In-Memory OLTP is a memory-optimized database engine integrated into the SQL Server engine.

Buffer Pool Extension: The Buffer Pool Extension provides … Read the rest

CTE vs Temp Table vs Temp variables

Temp tables: they are just like any normal tables except that they are created in the TempDB database. They persist until dropped, or until the connection that created them disappears. They are visible in the procedure that created them and any procedures that it calls. Just like normal tables and have primary keys, constraints, indexes and column statistics which are kept for the table which makes query execution really fast in most cases.

Temp tables have space assigned to them in the TempDB database and are generally accessed only from memory, unless the server is under memory pressure or the amount of data in the table is large.

Table Variables: These tables behave very much like other variables in their … Read the rest