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Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning: The performance counters below are very helpfull in diagnosing issues with SQL Server. They are classified into groups to better understand the usage. There are many articles already on Internet on these counters but this will be my way of representation.

Operating System Memory Counters

OS Memory and Paging Performance Counters

OS CPU and Processor Counters

OS Disk and Miscellaneous Counters

SQL Server Memory

Buffer Manager & Memory Performance Counters

SQL Server: Memory Manager Counters

My Memory Usage– Performance Counters

Other Important Performance Counters

Data Access Performance Counters

User Database Performance Counters

SQL Server SQL Statistics Counters

Workload Performance Counters

Important Perfmon Counters %Processor and Disk monitoring counters

SQL Server : Plan Cache Counters

Users & Locks Performance Counters

Another way to Access perfmon data

Getting Perfmon data from inside of SSMS

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