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SQL Server 9984

SQL Server Error : 9984, Severity: 10. Informational: Full-text %ls population

SQL Server Error : 9984 Details

SQL Server Error: 9984 Severity: 10 Event Logged or not: No Description: Informational: Full-text %ls population paused for table or indexed view ‘%ls’ (table or indexed view ID ‘%d’, database ID ‘%d’). Severity 10 Description: Informational messages that return status information or report errors that are not severe. For compatibility reasons, the Database Engine converts severity 10 to severity 0 before returning the error information to the calling application.

Reading sql server error log location from SQL Query

Identifying SQL Server Error Log File used by SQL Server Database Engine can be done by reading SQL Server Error Logs. DBA can execute the XP_READERRORLOG extended stored procedure to read … Read the rest