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sql server error is 8115 state 2

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SQL Server Error : 8115, Severity: 16. Arithmetic overflow error converting %ls

SQL Server Error : 8115 Details

SQL Server Error: 8115 Severity: 16 Event Logged or not: No Description: Arithmetic overflow error converting %ls to data type %ls. Severity 16 Description: Indicates general errors that can be corrected by the user.

Overflow – What is it? An overflow error occurs whenever we try to enter a value in a column that exceeds the data type limit. It was an identifiable column that was declared as INT in my situation, and the following are the possible error scenarios for IDENTITY columns. Everything relies on the column’s data type. The amount of possible values will depend on the type of data.

Msg 8115, Level 16, State 1, Line … Read the rest