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Adding Data Collectors on SQL Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2014/2016

Adding SQL Server Data Collectors to SQL Server is very important for Troublshooting issues and Root cause analysis of many issues normally occuring on SQL Servers.

These counters are helpful for both Virtual or Physical SQL Servers. They are available in all versions like sql server 2008 data collector, sql server 2012 data collector, sql server 2014 data collector

    The Counters related to SQL Instance which are really important are:

SQLServer:Access MethodsFreeSpace Scans/sec
SQLServer:Access MethodsFull Scans/sec
SQLServer:Access MethodsIndex Searches/sec
SQLServer:Access MethodsPages Allocated/sec
SQLServer:Access MethodsWorkfiles Created/sec
SQLServer:Access MethodsWorktables Created/sec
SQLServer:Buffer ManagerBuffer cache hit ratio
SQLServer:Buffer ManagerCheckpoint pages/sec
SQLServer:Buffer ManagerDatabase pages
SQLServer:Buffer ManagerFree list stalls/sec
SQLServer:Buffer ManagerFree pages
SQLServer:Buffer ManagerLazy writes/sec
SQLServer:Buffer ManagerPage life expectancy
SQLServer:Buffer ManagerReadahead pages/sec
SQLServer:Buffer ManagerReserved pages
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sql server DBA 999

CXPACKET Waits and High CPU Usage Bottleneck SQL Server 2008 2012 2014 2016

CXPACKET Waits and High CPU Usage Bottleneck SQL Server 2008 2012 2014 2016

When you suspect SQL Server is waiting on CPU and CPU is constantly spiked on 90-100% or SQL server high cpu usage query then it would wise to check the Top Waits Stats on SQL Server to see if the Top Waits is on “CXPACKET” by using Top Waits Rollup Query here.

Most of the time, DBA needs to find the culprit queries which are using high CPU and try to optimize it them by designing proper indexes or by rewriting the SQL more efficiently. SQL Server High CPU Usage query below can be very useful.

The queries useful in troubleshooting CPU Bottleneck issues, which are used

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Monitoring  SQL Server Performance is one of important task for a DBA using Performance Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in. 

Performance monitoring can by done by many ways including monitoring SQL Performance Counters below which are for %Processor utilization and Disk Queue Monitoring. Perfmon analysis is important step in troubleshooting issues when a application goes slow.

Performance Monitor in SQL Server 2012 , 2014, 2016 etc are also very capable

 Important Perfmon Counters %Processor and Disk monitoring counters

S.NO Performance Counter Name Comments
9 Processor – %Processor Time The percentage of time the processor spent executing a non-idle thread. This value is subtracted from the time the processor was idle 100 percent. This is an indicator to the overall CPU utilization
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