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What is SQL Server Health Check? Why is it important?

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What is SQL Server Health Check? Why is it important?

A SQL Server health check looks at all aspects of your SQL Server environment in terms of best practices in the areas of Performance, Configuration, Security, Disaster Recovery and the ability of your environment to scale to projected future loads.

With a SQL Server Health Check, one should make a report of our findings and recomendation/solutions.

Fixing the Problems
You may choose to have us fix some or all of the problems found by the SQL Server health check or
you may prefer to have your own team to discuss and work through them.

What are the important aspects of SQL Server Health Check?
SQL Server Disaster Recovery Plan:
1.Design bulletproof backup plan
2.Suggest failover options
Scalability of Your SQL Server Installation:
1.Evaluate the ability of your current system to scale to projected levels.
Suggest options for high availability
1.SQL Server Failover Clustering
2.SQL Server Database Mirroring
SQL Server Security:
1.To Assess vulnerability to sql injection and other attacks
2.Suggest security best practices in relation to your needs
SQL Server Performance:
1.Identify badly performing code and suggest ways to improve it.
2.Identify hardware bottlenecks
3.Identify blocking or deadlocking activities
4.Identify database and/or application design issues.
SQL Server Configuration:
1.Confirm that SQL Server is installed and configured correctly
2.Confirm that hardware resources are adequate and configured correctly

…These Health Check needs to be done in all environment from time to time to avoid any major mistakes on the DBA Side….

I will update more on how to do this soon….

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