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Prince2 Project Management Simplified Revision

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PRINCE2: (Project Management IN Controled Environment)  Prince2 has Foundation & Practitioner Exams. Prince2 certification value is recognized everywhere in industry.

Project: A PROJECT is a temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to an agreed Business Case.

Many Project Management Software are available in market to use with Prince2 methodologies like MS Project Server or MS Project Management Software etc… There are some free tools also available for project management methodologies like Prince2 

Below is some prince2 revision notes which is very useful. Even for a dba project management that the projects which come in, below Prince2 foundation revision is very helpful

Key features of PRINCE2:

•Focus on business justification
•Defined organisation structure for the project management team
•Product-based planning approach
•Emphasis on dividing the project into manageable and controllable stages
•Flexibility that can be applied at a level appropriate to the project.

6 Aspects of PRINCE2


4 Elements of Prince2

•7 Principles
•7 Themes
•7 Processes
•Tailoring PRINCE2 to a project environment.

7 Principles of PRINCE2

1.Continued Business Justification: (why to start, why to continue)
2.LEARN from experience.(learn from previous, lessons are recorded)
3.Define Role and Responsibilities (stakeholders)
4.Managed by STAGE
5.Managed by EXCEPTION
6.Focus on PRODUCT
7.Tailor to suit project environment.

7 Themes of PRINCE2

1.Business case (WHY)
2.Organization (WHO)
3.Quality (WHAT/End product quality)
4.Plans (How? How much? When?)
5.Risk (What if?)
6.Change (What is the impact)
7.Progress (Where are we now in Project? where are we going next?)

7 Processes of PRINCE2

1.Starting up a project process (SU)
2.Directing a Project (DP)
3.Initiating a Project (IP)
4.Controlling a Stage (CS)
5.Managing Product Delivery (PD)
6.Managing Stage Boundaries (SB)
7.Closing Project (CP)

Key benefits of PRINCE2

•Proven best practice
•Applied to any type of projects
•Promoting effective communication (same language) and control
•Explicit recognition of RESPONSIBILITIES
•Managed by exception – economical/wise use of management time
•PRINCE2 is like a diagnostic tool.

Stakeholders in Project

1.Business (People who endorse the project)
2.Users (People who will use the output of the project)
3.Suppliers (provide resources both INTERNAL or EXTERNAL or both)

Project Logs and Registers used:

1.Risk Register
2.Quality Register
3.Issue Register
4.Configuration Item Records
5.Lesson Log
6.Daily Log


•Checkpoint Report: team managers to the project manager
•Highlight Report: project manager to the project board
•End Stage Report: Project Manager to the Board
•End Project Report – Project Manager to Board
•Lessons Report – Project Manager

For more info refer to website Prince2 .com

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